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Verification of the ingredient COAs
Verification of ingredient weighing and pre-batch staging
Equipment and room clearance before production
Verification of batch record documentation
Compilation of all relevant documents
In-process checks (i.e. weight variation, metal detection, etc.)
Final pallet verification prior to shipment
Allergen verification in every step of the process by documentation and product/ personnel isolation practices.


  1. NSF GMP Registration Certificate

  2. NSF GMP Registration Audit Report

  3. NSF 306 Certified for Sport Certificate

  4. NSF 306 Certified for Sport Audit Report

  5. New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) cGMP Certificate

  6. NJDOH License/Permit

  7. Organic Certificate from Quality Assurance International (QAI)

  8. Kosher – Our Facility is Kosher Compliant. We have completed successful facility compliance inspection from OK Kosher.

  9. Health Canada – We are already in works. Will inform you once we receive the permit.

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