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!!New Alert - Amazon Policy Change!!

Experience seamless adaptation to Amazon’s latest policy shift with SMK at your side!

Amazon’s sweeping policy update extends its reach to encompass all product categories, potentially impacting Supplement Brands like yours. But fear not, as SMK stands ready to navigate this change with you.


Here’s what you need to know:


Amazon’s service team will be proactively contacting brands, mandating two crucial steps:


1. Third-Party Lab Testing:

Ensure your products undergo rigorous testing by accredited third-party labs.

2. Manufacturing Compliance:

Validate that your products are crafted within Certified facilities to meet Amazon’s standards.


You may need to act swiftly within the proposed 90-day window.


How does SMK streamline this process for you?


1. NSF Certification:

SMK Global boasts NSF certification, ensuring your products meet Amazon’s manufacturing requirements.

2. Testing Facilitation:

Let SMK handle the testing logistics, easing your burden during this transition.


Don’t face this challenge alone—let SMK empower you through this policy transformation.


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