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Nutrition Supplements Manufacturing Secrets

How Manufacturers Tackle New Protein Powder Flavors

The demand for plant-based protein powders has been steadily rising over the years. Plant-based proteins are often easily digested while remaining to be healthy. They also offer a great way to get proteins to accommodate those with vegan diets. We can go on and on about the wide-reaching benefit of these plant-based powders. However, as healthy as something may be, we will still want to eat something tasty. These powders may end up with a chalky taste that is off-putting. These plant-based proteins do have their unique challenges to overcome when achieving great taste.

protein powder manufacturing

Many protein powder manufacturers have tried to overcome these challenges in their way. Let's take a closer look at how a supplement manufacturer like SMK Global strives to make these powders more palatable. Let's take a closer look inside the manufacturing facility and see how exactly they achieve their success in flavors.

Success Starts with Great Teamwork

One of the keys to SMK's success in making a great tasting powder is its product development team. SMK's product development team is known for never backing down from a challenge. Regardless of what flavor a customer may want out of their protein powders, this team is ready to see it become a success. They pride themselves on having an open dialogue with customers on how to improve their flavors. SMK's team will work tirelessly on fine-tuning these flavors to taste amazing.

Problems & Solutions

When we talk about plant-based proteins, we are mainly talking about either rice proteins or pea proteins. When helping a customer in the past, SMK encountered two major issues when working with these proteins. Rice protein is less water-soluble so, it gives off that unpleasant chalky texture in the mouth. On the other hand, pea protein has a strong earthy aftertaste. In the end, SMK had found the pea protein a bit more palatable. With the help of some natural masking flavors and great teamwork, SMK and their customer finally ended up with a great-tasting powder.

With companies like SMK hard at work trying to create quality products, it would be a shame if the final product fell short. Here are a few tips on how you can make these powders taste even better from the comfort of your own home:

TIP 1- Right Tools for the Right Job

People are not perfect so, sometimes we need a tool or two to get the job done. If you plan on drinking these powders for the long term, a proper blender will go a long way. It may be hard to achieve the consistency you want through shake bottles. Alternatively, using a blender will allow you to prepare these powders into a smooth-tasting drink.

TIP 2 - Temperature & Texture

As with any drink, taste and texture are vital when making these protein shakes. Some flavors shine at colder temperatures as opposed to room temperature. Consider blending in some ice cubes or pouring the mixed drink over some ice cubes. Also, consider adding some water in case your drink ends up being too thick. Keep adding an ounce of water at a time to see what you like the best.

TIP 3 A Touch of Sweetness

Honey can also make your drink sweeter while not making it unhealthy. Try adding a tablespoon of honey per serving at first to see how it tastes. You can also adjust the amount according to your own needs. You can even experiment with other sweeteners to see what works best for you. However, if you want to keep your drink as healthy as possible, stay away from any artificial sweeteners.

Have a product in mind and wondering, how you can produce your own protein shake? Talk to our product development team, and we will help your company to create an amazing supplement that your customers would love! Email us at to get started asap.


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