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Probiotics: Build on the Foundation of Confidence

We all know how important gut health is, yet until recently, there seemed to be limited understanding of how probiotics could make a real difference. Now, the use of probiotics is finally starting to be seen as a bridge that can bring us from our few intuitions to a more solid understanding of its beneficial impacts.

Within the last few years, probiotics have grown in popularity, especially as an addition to regular diets. Consumers have been drawn to healthy products that promote a better balance of friendly bacteria in the gut. This has resulted in a large and thriving marketplace of both probiotic supplements, snacks, stick packs and numerous other delivery formats.

However, the rise in demand for probiotic products is based on more than just the popularity of a product – it is a result of the confidence that the users have in probiotics as a solution. This confidence was achieved through the success stories of users who had felt the improvements that the probiotic products made in their respective lives.

To build on this foundation of confidence, ingredient companies have worked hard to understand the fundamental impacts of certain strains, and how best to ensure a product is providing the necessary benefits to consumers. Research has shown that particular ingredients can determine the success of a probiotic product – and it is these findings that can now be used to ensure a product is delivering the best possible benefits to its users.

In addition, clinical trials and gated science initiatives help to further establish probiotics’ effectiveness, boosting consumer confidence and providing data to prove the efficacy of specific strains and products. This market-affirming scientific evidence created by ingredient companies and elaborated on with clinical data further strengthen the trust consumers have in probiotics.

Overall, the emergence of probiotic products speaks to the incredible potential of the microbiome. With consumers evidently willing to put their trust in probiotics, this is a remarkable achievement. For manufactured supplement and vitamin companies, the void of knowledge that primes intuition is no longer a roadblock to more robust understanding. The foundation of trust and proven efficacy has been laid down and now, companies can easily build on this platform – making probiotics an incredible and constantly-growing opportunity for the industry.


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