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SMK Global support for Plant-for-the-Planet organization

At SMK Global we believe in giving back. As a part of our environmental initiative we frequently donate money to organizations like Plant-for-the-Planet.

Now We Children Save the World

Plant-for-the-Planet plants trees and empowers children worldwide

The Plant-for-the-Planet children and youth initiative was launched in January 2007. At the end of his school presentation about the current climate crisis, nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner announced his vision to his classmates: “Let’s plant one million trees in every country on earth!” The current goal of the children and youth initiative is to plant a trillion trees worldwide. Trees are the cheapest and most effective means of binding CO2, allowing us more time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and mitigate the climate crisis. This has now also been proven by a scientific study.

In 2011, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) handed over the long-established Billion Tree Campaign, along with the official world tree counter, to Plant-for-the-Planet. As the children’s aim is now to plant a trillion trees, they trans-formed the Billion Tree Campaign into the Trillion Tree Campaign and developed an interactive online tool and app that motivates others to get involved in planting ( ●

So far, with the help of many adults, the children and youth of Plant-for-the-Planet have already planted more than 13,6 billion trees in 193 countries. In one-day Academies, these children teach and empower others to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. More than 91,666 children from 75 countries are already participating.

On the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, Plant-for-the-Planet plants a new tree every 15 seconds. This project demonstrates just how easy it is to e plant trees effectively and on a large scale. The initiative uses its own products (i.e. the Change Chocolate) and campaigns (such as "Stop talking. Start


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